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customized cloud infrastructure that offers total control, security, and legal compliance.

Umbrellar Technology Group Co-Location Services

Umbrellar have a range of colocation options across Auckland and Christchurch data centres. We can provide bespoke solutions whether you need a single server, rack or a fully managed cage.

As well as standard colocation setups, Umbrellar can provide a number of managed services, ideal for customers who don't have the technical ability to manage their colocation solution, or for customers who don't have the resource in Auckland or Christchurch.

  • Rack and cage design services

  • Project management for service delivery on behalf of customers

  • Hardware procurement and installations

  • Intelligent hands

  • Datacentre migration services

  • Fully suite of managed services for your Co-location requirements 

Benefits Of Colocation with Umbrellar Technology Group Co-location Services 

Features of Umbrellar Technology Group Co-location Services 

About Umbrellar Technology Group Co-Location services

Digital file storage is becoming a basic need. Our lives are greatly impacted by the digital economy, whether it be for employment, education, or socialization. As a result, there is an unprecedented demand for server colocation and data storage.

Company data was traditionally kept on internal servers and networking hardware. Companies no longer want to handle the expense and upkeep associated with keeping outdated data storage equipment and servers. However, the data needs a place to reside.

Colocation has become the most popular fix for this issue. It's the process of having your networking hardware and servers housed in an off-site data center by a company like Umbrellar Technology Group (instead of the on-site scenario where servers live within a room or a piece of an organization’s own building). Equipment can be "co-located" by renting space for a server, rack, or cage in its entirety.

All sizes of businesses gain from colocation. With little financial outlay, small firms can have access to the advantages of larger IT departments. Organizations of medium to larger sizes have the option to increase their data storage capacity without incurring expensive building or facility lease costs. Businesses can store equipment in a safe location with power, bandwidth, and a publicly accessible IP address provided by a third party Service Provider


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