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customized cloud infrastructure that offers total control, security, and legal compliance.

Gain Full Control of Your Cloud Infrastructure with Dedicated VMware Private Cloud Hosting

Having control over your infrastructure is crucial if your company has mission-critical IT workloads, sensitive data storage requirements, strict governance and compliance requirements, or requires for customized infrastructure.

The Single Tenant Private Cloud service from Umbrellar provides a secluded solution that is exclusive to your company. We give you complete control and management over your infrastructure in addition to enterprise-level performance, comprehensive security, and top-notch compliance.

You may put your trust in our private cloud specialists to handle capacity planning, hardware acquisition, software licensing, monitoring, and data center security, giving your team more time to concentrate on the business-critical apps.

Our Dedicated VMware Private Cloud Service

Why customers require a dedicated VMware Private Cloud services

Why Work with Umbrellar Technology Group as Your Dedicated Private Cloud Hosting Partner

For more than ten years, Umbrellar Technology Group has provided private cloud solutions to more than 200 happy clients. Working with Umbrellar Technology Group offers the following advantages:

Full Control

Dedicated hosting gives your company more control over your cloud environment than multi-tenant cloud environments provide. Using your customized hypervisors, you may spin up or down individual virtual machines (VMs) with powerful self-service provisioning features.


Security and Resilience

The Umbrellar Technology Group will create and implement private cloud solutions that are completely compliant and secure. Data centers located in Christchurch or Auckland will house your infrastructure.

Managed Virtualization Infrastructure

Umbrellar Technology Group provides round-the-clock, comprehensive support for both the physical infrastructure and virtualization platform as part of their dedicated private cloud hosting solutions.

Performance and Reliability

Umbrellar Technology Group maximizes performance and reliability by utilizing VMware best practices and enterprise-grade servers.

Designed for You

Umbrellar Technology Group will take care of your particular business requirements, guiding you through the necessary steps and assisting you in creating the ideal private cloud environment for your company.


Cost Predictability

In the era of utility computing, the last thing you want is to overpay for IaaS services that have variable monthly expenses. Our dedicated hosting, which has a set monthly price, lets you expand your infrastructure and consumption as needed without any unpleasant surprises.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by a private cloud?

A cloud computing deployment option called the private cloud gives some users sole access to computer resources including servers, storage, and networking. A private cloud can be hosted by a third-party cloud service provider (hosted private cloud) or on-premises by an organization using its own data center.

A dedicated private cloud: what is it?

One kind of cloud computing deployment strategy is the dedicated private cloud, which offers resources and infrastructure to a single enterprise exclusively as a single tenant. A dedicated private cloud guarantees that all computer resources are set aside specifically for one client, in contrast to public clouds, which allow numerous users to share resources on the same infrastructure.


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