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Your desktop, available anywhere and on any device

Boost productivity and security with Umbrella Technology Group's managed Azure virtual desktop service

Unlock the full potential of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) with our Managed Azure Virtual Desktop Service, designed to meet the needs of businesses seeking enhanced productivity, streamlined operations, and robust security. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business looking to optimize your remote desktop experience or a large organization requiring a scalable and secure solution for your distributed workforce, Umbrellar’s Managed Azure Virtual Desktop Service is tailored to empower businesses of all sizes.


With Umbrellar’s remote desktop services, you will have access to skilled resources which act as an extension of your IT team, helping you innovate, improve workforce productivity, and enhance security. In addition, Umbrellar’s proactive day-to-day management of your Azure virtual machines removes the administrative overhead on your IT operations staff while ensuring your virtual desktop environment is performing at its peak.

What’s included in our managed Azure virtual desktop service

Reduce deployment headaches with Umbrellar’s proof of concept engagement

Umbrellar offers a 4-to-6-week Proof of Concept (POC) engagement focused on designing, testing, and implementing Azure Virtual Desktop for your organization. Your virtual desktop environment will be professionally architected and will include workshops for image design, user personas related to AVD usage, and an Azure Virtual Desktop Design Document.

As a Microsoft Partner, Umbrellar has immense knowledge and experience in PaaS and SaaS implementations. Our specialists will help you from start to finish to design, implement, test and your Azure Virtual Desktop solution.


A Microsoft cloud partner ready to solve your challenges

Our team of cloud engineers, architects, and collaborators can help you deploy Azure Virtual Desktop and assist you through the entire deployment processof your virtual desktops, no matter the complexity. Umbrellar Technology Group can support you with all aspects of your Microsoft Azure cloud journey through our Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop management services. With expertise in Big Data and Kubernetes, we not only enable our clients to adopt cloud-native technologies to accelerate innovation, but we also ensure they can integrate with existing remote desktop services as a secure and cohesive workflow.

Top 5 benefits of Azure virtual desktop

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