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Get better management, visibility, and control over your public and private cloud with hybrid cloud managed services from Umbrellar Technology Group

Hybrid cloud

The Hybrid cloud approach includes a combination of on-premise server infrastructure with a public and/or private cloud. Clients with legacy applications or systems that require an on-premise server can use a hybrid cloud to switch between the two environments.


If your business holds sensitive client data or you have recently invested in physical server hardware, a hybrid cloud approach would allow your company to take advantage of the cloud whilst retaining your data on site and maximising your hardware investment.


A hybrid approach to cloud adoption allows for flexibility and control, running certain workloads in the cloud with sensitive client data remaining on-site. Another advantage of hybrid cloud is the staggered approach your business can take towards a full cloud migration.

Umbrellar Technology Group can create a roadmap for your business to achieve a full migration over a time frame that suits your business needs.

Features of Umbrellar Technology Group hybrid cloud services 

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