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A Cloud Readiness Assessment will help steer your IT system in a new direction


The Process of Moving to the Cloud 

There are numerous options available to you in terms of cloud infrastructure. Perhaps you find the thought of embarking on your cloud journey intimidating and are unsure of where to start. Alternatively, it could seem simple enough to sign up for an account, input a credit card number, and follow a few instructions to set up an environment with a public cloud service provider like AWS, Azure, or Google. However, increase it by 50, 100, or 1,000, and you can only begin to anticipate the expenses and hassles you'll eventually have to deal with.
After 20 years of doing this, we've seen it everything. Based on this knowledge, our certified cloud engineers offer recommendations for the cloud operating model that will be most effective for your company. Since we're cloud-agnostic, we don't favor any one cloud provider over another; instead, we always base our recommendations on industry best practices for cloud architecture, security, and compliance.

To assist you in formulating a plan and developing a roadmap for cloud adoption, we begin with our consulting services. We will work with you to design the optimal single, multi, or hybrid cloud solution to combine agility, flexibility, cost, and security—all with white-glove support—based on your unique business requirements and workloads.

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